Talk Like a Man: Communication and Connectedness for Men in the Middle Years

September 19, 2017

You are invited to join us on Tuesday, September 19 at 12:00 noon EDT for a free webinar that explores the socialization and culture of men in the middle years (MIMY). The webinar is designed to help mental health care providers use effective messages to promote connectedness among middle-age men.

According to a recent Boston Globe Magazine article, the greatest problem facing middle-age men is loneliness. The solution? Connectedness. As defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), connectedness is “the degree to which a person or group is socially close, interrelated, or shares resources with other persons or groups.” Connections with family, friends, community organizations, and social institutions are vital to a man’s well-being, yet can be hindered by society’s view of “masculinities.” The task, then, is to help men forge connections not despite the culture but within it.

The webinar will introduce counselors and other caregivers to ideas about communications that foster connectedness among men—both in the provider-client relationship and in men’s daily lives. You will learn effective strategies for talking about mental, emotional, and relational health with male clients as well as for assisting men in strengthening their network of connectedness. It will also cover personal stories, how MassMen can put clients in touch with free, anonymous screenings for issues commonly faced by men, and key resources for men across the state of Massachusetts.

Franklin Cook, MA, CPC, is Director of Community Outreach for MassMen. He owns and operates Unified Community Solutions, a private consultancy in Watertown, MA, that worked with Screening for Mental Health and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to launch MassMen in 2015. Franklin began his career as a volunteer and has worked since 1999 at the community, state, and national levels in community-based suicide prevention program development, management, and leadership. He also specializes in peer support practices for bereavement care and for addiction recovery.

This webinar is sponsored by MassMen.org, a comprehensive resource for Massachusetts men and their loved ones, offering statewide mental health information, resources, and online self-assessments. MassMen is a program of Screening for Mental Health (SMH) and is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. SMH is a pioneer of large-scale mental health screening for the public, providing innovative mental health and substance use resources, linking those in need with quality treatment options. Its programs, offered online and in person, educate, raise awareness and screen individuals for common mental health disorders and suicide.