Exercise is good for the mind. Just five minutes of brisk walking at a decent pace releases endorphins into your body, and neurotransmitters release chemicals into your brain that tell your body that things are good. It also helps you sleep better, which is  a major reducer of stress.

After you catch your breath and get used to the activity, exercise is not tiring. It gives you energy and you’ll be able to focus on what you need to get done. The hardest part is tying your sneakers, picking the right playlist and getting started. But once you do, it can result in several benefits, including:

  • Get moving – A brisk 15 to 20-minute walk can deliver several hours of relief from stressful and/or depressing thoughts, that’s a decent return on your physical investment
  • Problem Solve – A good workout can boost creativity for up to two full hours. It also allows you to look at problems from a different perspective. It can help you interact with your partner or co-workers in a more productive way and solve problems that have been dogging you.
  • Aim for consistency – Set small goals and aim for daily consistency rather than perfect, Ironman-level workouts. Scientific data suggests that you’ll get more from walking the neighborhood every day for 15-20 minutes than spending three hours on Saturday morning working out for hours at the gym.


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