Your job is stressful. Not only can it be physically strenuous, but the long hours and unpredictable schedule can also contribute to stress. Work stress may be something you’ve learned to power through. But sometimes it can feel like too much. When you are experiencing one of those days, here are some strategies to use to help you through.

  • Tune into your body: Your body reacts to stress mentally and physically. Stress can cause aches and pains, an increase in your heartrate, and difficulty sleeping to name a few. Take notice throughout the day where the pain is, and how your body is reacting to work, home responsibilities, bills, etc.
  • Decompress: After a long day, come home and put a heating pad on your back or a cool cloth on the back of your neck. Take ten minutes to decompress and let the stress melt away before you tackle any responsibilities at home.
  • Have a good laugh: Watch a 20 minute episode of a show that make you laugh, watch funny video clips on Youtube, or get together with a friend who has a great sense of humor. Laughter can help dissipate stress

Taking some time and actionable steps during the day can help to reduce the amount of stress you deal with on a daily basis.


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