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Counseling Support

Y.O.U. Inc. (Youth Opportunities Upheld)

Y.O.U, Inc is a behavioral health organization serving troubled and at-risk children, adolescents and families. Y.O.U., Inc's Outpatient behavioral health services provide Family Centers where children and families can participate in a range of individual, family and group counseling, attend parent and caregiver workshops, and enjoy family networking and social events. Each family center is staffed by expert clinicians who can assist children and families in coping with issues such as substance abuse, depression and suicide prevention, illness and disability, family violence, trauma histories, bereavement and loss, eating disorders, behavior management, and abuse and neglect. Prevention Specialists help families navigate the behavioral health system and connect clients to additional services and supports in the community. Free educational workshops and support groups are available for parents struggling with a variety of issues and concerns.



Additional Support

Young Widows and Widowers, Ltd.

Widows and Widowers in this group range in age from 20 to 58, about 20 years younger than the traditional widowed population. Many are parents of very young or school-age children, and all subscribe to our philosophy of turning grief into growth. Younger widowed persons have needs not addressed by other groups, a fact that led to the formation of YWW in 1983. Young Widows and Widowers, Ltd. is operated by and for its members with the assistance of qualified facilitators. It is not affiliated with any other organization.



Man Therapy is an innovative tool designed to help men with their mental health. It uses humor and media to connect men and their families to facts, resources, and help in grappling with ongoing negative emotion.


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