MassMen.org is about promoting wellness for men ages 25-64 across Massachusetts. Depression affects over 6 million American men every day, with many more suffering from other struggles with their mental wellbeing. And men are less likely to talk about not feeling okay and are less likely to look for ways to feel better.

MassMen.org strives to provide helpful information that empowers men to take action to feel happier and healthier. The site is also for family and friends who are looking for ways to help improve the lives of the men they love. We’re updating this site and would like your feedback. Our goal is to provide information about how to feel better physically (i.e., exercise, nutrition), emotionally (i.e., mindfulness, resilience, relationships), and spiritually.

Right now the site has:

  • Information on various topics about healthy living
  • Local and statewide resources that can be found using a ZIP Code or keywords
  • Videos of men talking about their experiences navigating life’s challenges
  • Self-assessments that people can take for free and anonymously

We’d like to hear from you about what you like and don’t like about the site and what new things you want to see. Please contact spaiva@riversidecc.org. Also, read our blog about ways we’re thinking of updating the site.

MassMen is a program of Riverside Trauma Center, a service of Riverside Community Care, and is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.