MassMen opens the door to help working-age men from across Massachusetts find information, discover tools, make decisions, and take action to address issues related to mental, emotional, and relational health. We don’t tell you what to do: We’re here to help you solve your problems, take care of your personal business, and be the man that you’d like to be.

The MassMen website offers men help by:

  • Giving men reliable information on topics that matter to them
  • Offering men validated self-assessments that they can take for free and anonymously
  • Linking men to a variety of local and statewide resources that they can find using their ZIP Code or keywords
  • Keeping men up-to-date on news about how their peers across the country are dealing with the challenges that life hands them
  • Sharing personal stories from men who have been there—and who know how to find their way back from difficulties that once made their lives a struggle

With a comprehensive database of Massachusetts-based resources, validated self-assessments, and a network of social groups to join, we create actionable steps you can take to feel happier, healthier, and more like yourself.

MassMen is a program of Screening for Mental Health and is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.